ArtIAMAS University Experimentation Event

August 2nd, 2023

Field Experiments

Human-Guided Surveillance Field Experiment

Securing Connected Vehicles, Soldiers, Platforms in Contested Environments & Human-Machine Teaming

Aryya Gangopadhyay, Susan Campbell, Carl Busart, & Jon Touryan

  • Real-time automated surveillance
  • Human-guided robot navigation

Applied Aerial Autonomy Field Experiment

Multi-agent Distributed Scene Perception and Situation Awareness

Derek Paley & Stephen Nogar


  • Smart binoculars for drone command and control
  • Beyond-visual-line-of-sight multi-agent search with onboard perception
  • Air-ground coordination for target inspection and rendezvous

Ground Autonomy Field Experiment

Autonomous Planning and Navigation

Dinesh Manocha & Damon Conover

  • Novel technologies for perception and navigation using onboard sensors and edge computing
  • Demonstration of autonomous legged locomotion in tall and dense vegetation
  • Integration into ARL Autonomy Stack

Remote Robotics Experiment

AI-Enabled Decision Making in Multiple Domains

Nirmalya Roy & Adrienne Raglin

  • Distributed Virtual Proving Ground
  • Live remote robotics experiments and training

Accelerated Verification Demonstration

Models, Tools, & Processes for Design, Test, & Verification

Jeffrey Herrmann & James Michaelis

  • ARL Ground Autonomy Stack simulations with multiple RVs
  • Tools and processes to accelerate simulation and testing
  • Metareasoning experiments with autonomous robots

ARL Summer Student Team Research

Palm-Sized Air Deployed Mobile Robot

Michael Otte, Kasthuri Jayarajah, & Sean Gartt

The summer student research teams at UMBC and UMCP:

  • Developed and tested a landing mechanism for a palm-sized robot to withstand a 3-story fall
  • Programmed the robot to search for and scan QR codes after safely landing on the ground